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Semi-permanent dyes work best on pre-bleached hair. Your base colour should therefore be a 7 up to 10.

However there are several colours that work on darker tones (from 3 to 6) without bleaching. The end result in this case is a slight tint (according to the product’s colour ) which shines in the sunlight, while indoors the hair looks dark brown. These colours are:

After Midnight, Alpine, Cerise, Dark Tulip, Deep Purple Dream, Ebony, Midnight Blue, Plum, Raven, Rock 'n' Roll Red, Rose Red, Rubine, Vampire Red, Venus Envy και Vermillion Red.

For natural hair, that have never been chemically treated the application time should be at least 60 minutes.


And for those of you who prefer visual aids, Tish and Snooky from Manic Panic have put together the following video with a step-by-step guide on how to dye your hair with semi-permanent dyes:



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