Berenice was an Egyptian princess whose rich and beautiful hair was the talk of the kingdom. When her husband the king went off to fight in some war she asked Aphrodite to keep him safe and bring him back to her in one piece. In return she would offer the goddess her amazing mane.

The king did return safe and sound, thus Berenice honored her promise by cutting her hair and placing it on the altar. Her husband wished to see her hair one last time, but when he entered the temple the altar was empty. The priests explained that Aphrodite accepted Berenice’s offer and pinned her hair in the night sky as stars. From that moment on her hair shine in the constellation known as Come Berenices.

Today’s Berenice is a restless spirit aiming to bring the stars to your hair.

Embrace the latest trend in hair colouring with the extreme colours of fashion. Release the cosplay, anime or simply alternative you through the rich palette of direct dyes by Directions and Manic Panic.

These hair colours are semi-permanent and you can use them directly from the jar without any developer. They last from 5 to 8 washes, according to the quality of the hair shaft. They are very gentle to your hair since they do not contain ammonia or any other oxidizing agents. In this way you can dye your hair as often as you want!

For brighter and longer lasting results we recommend the application on pre-bleached hair. The lighter the base colour the brighter the end result.

In the Products category you will also find shampoos, conditioners, hair oils, etc.


Crown yourself in stars’ colours!